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Aetna Insurance Coverage for Rehab


Los Angeles Partial Hospitalization Program

Addiction is a massive ongoing challenge for the US as a whole, but for the LA area in particular. There is a considerable level of drug and alcohol addiction every year, and thousands of people that struggle with addiction get help by reaching out to professional treatment centers. These centers can help with everything from detox to aftercare.


One of the most popular ways to receive addiction treatment is through a partial hospitalization program in Los Angeles. These recovery programs are incredibly intensive and focused, and provide many of the same benefits that can be found with inpatient or residential treatment. We’re going to look at this popular treatment program, and what it might look like for the average person. 

What Is Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage?

This is the big question, and unfortunately, it’s one of the most difficult to answer, primarily because of the number of options in the marketplace. However, with the Affordable Care Act becoming law, substance abuse and mental health treatment are classified as essential treatments. This means any new plans will need to have some form of coverage for those services, but that older plans grandfathered in may not have the same provisions. 

If you have a newer plan, you almost certainly have coverage for attending a drug and alcohol Aetna rehab center, the only question is; how much? This is where you need to call your insurance company, they will pull up your specific policy and give you the exact coverage details, coverage limits, deductibles, copays, and coinsurance that may be due in regard to your recovery treatment. 

Another way to check your Aetna drug rehab coverage is to check directly on their website. By using the Aetna customer portal and your personal insurance information you can see a complete summary of benefits for your plan and policy. These benefits will include how much of your drug rehab Aetna will cover in the event that you need treatment. 

While many insurers have limits for the potential coverage amounts for substance abuse treatment, the coverage for Aetna is a little different. Many sources say they are more concerned with the recovery needs of each patient as an individual, and they are known for being more flexible in allowing the optimal treatments to be found. 

What Kinds Of Treatments Will Aetna Cover?

The coverage amounts and items can differ quite considerably, so to get the exact details about what treatments, procedures, or therapies Aetna will cover, the best option is to contact Aetna directly and get those details. Not only can plans have major differences from one plan to the next, but the details of the exact policy are also unique to many of the policyholders.

The majority of insurance plans offered by Aetna include common treatments and procedures relating to addiction treatment and recovery, such as:

Detoxification stage

Inpatient rehabilitation programs

Residential treatment programs

Partial hospitalization programs

Outpatient treatment plans

Intensive outpatient programs

Continuing care and aftercare programs

Since these options obviously make up most of the options that you’re going to see out there, it’s important to remember what’s going to be covered when you enroll in treatment. Contacting Outpatient Los Angeles and letting us know what your needs are can make it much easier to narrow down what treatments or programs would be best suited to your current stage in your personal recovery journey.

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What Does In-Network Aetna Rehab Mean?

One of the first things you notice when you start looking into medical insurance and coverage is the separation between in-network and out-of-network. This is the most common way to delineate doctors and healthcare providers that are part of the insurer’s network, and those who are not. Here’s what you need to know about being in-network, and why it can save you tons of money over working outside the care network.

A network is a collection of doctors, facilities, and other healthcare providers that have all signed a contract to be part of that specific network. Being part of an insurance network, like Aetna, means that those providers charge network members a much lower rate, often called a negotiated rate. This is because all of the rates they would charge are already laid out and pre-negotiated in their contract. 

For those in the LA area with Aetna insurance coverage, finding a California Aetna rehab center that counts as an in-network Aetna rehab is one of the most important things to do for your treatment. Not only will you be more likely to enroll in treatment if it won’t leave you with a big bill, but ensuring you have the best coverage can also help you make sure you’re getting the best level of care. 

An in-network Aetna rehab will have a considerably larger portion of the overall cost covered by Aetna insurance than one outside the network. In some cases, this can mean that using an in-network Aetna rehab can result in having most or even all of the cost of treatment taken care of by insurance. 

Outpatient Los Angeles has developed a close partnership with Aetna so that we can best care for those with Aetna insurance who come to heal with us. We are familiar with working with them and will use our relationship to help you get the best possible coverage

Does My Treatment Need To Be At An In-Network Aetna Rehab?

Just because you have Aetna insurance does not mean you are bound to use rehab centers that are in their network. You can decide to use their network or you can choose from any other provider that you may prefer. The biggest catch to this is that when you opt for a provider that is not part of the network, you pay whatever rates or fees they bill you for, and your insurance may cover roughly a fifth to a quarter of the total cost if you’re lucky. In some cases, there are no provisions for out-of-network reimbursement unless it was a life-saving emergency.

Another downside to working outside of the care network is that when you need a treatment or procedure covered, you need to get it pre-authorized or pre-certified. This means that someone else is making your healthcare decisions at that point, and it can be difficult to get the treatment you need while constantly fighting with authorization for coverage, extending coverage when you need it, and more. The pre-authorization hassle can even extend to detox programs, inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, partial hospitalization programs, and more.

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If struggling with addiction is beginning to take its toll and you have Aetna insurance, help is available and it’s right around the corner. Outpatient Los Angeles is a leading drug and alcohol rehab center in the LA area that specializes in effective outpatient treatment programs that help strengthen recovery. Reach out today to speak with one of our local addiction experts for more information. 

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