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Drug and Alcohol Rehab

West Hollywood

West Hollywood Rehab in Los Angeles

Drug and alcohol use has been rapidly increasing in the United States. Even in LA county where treatment options are readily available, overdose deaths have been increasing. 

COVID-19 has significantly increased overdose related deaths, as well as overall drug and alcohol abuse. In fact, the overdose rate has increased by 300% in teens during this time.

With drug use and overdose deaths increasing in LA county and the nation, there are many alcohol and drug rehabs in West Hollywood. The trick is finding a rehab facility that offers the right treatment, resources, and amenities for your situation and needs.

With the help of a drug or alcohol rehab in West Hollywood, you can overcome your addiction one day at a time. Outpatient Los Angeles offers premier outpatient treatment options for alcohol and drug addiction. Our rehab facilities are equipped to help you throughout the entire process to kick start a new life of sobriety.

Outpatient LA’s Drug Rehab Near West Hollywood

If you are looking for an alcohol or drug rehab near West Hollywood, Outpatient Los Angeles has you covered. Outpatient Los Angeles is a top-rated facility that provides comprehensive outpatient treatment for those who suffer from substance use disorder.

Our treatment programs include interventions, outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and sober living. All of these programs include evidence-based treatments that allow you to uncover root causes of your addiction and change your behaviors head on.

Alongside evidence-based treatments, we provide holistic and alternative therapies. These alternative therapies can help you heal other parts of your life, such as your physical health or mental health. These alternative therapies are used alongside traditional therapies for comprehensive care that lasts a lifetime.

Regardless of which treatment program you select, we will customize the treatment program based on your unique story and needs. We understand that everyone has a story, and everyone deserves customized treatment as a result.

While receiving treatment, you will have access to our expert staff members. All our staff members are in recovery themselves and can help you stay sober in an empathetic and respectful way. All the while, our staff members are experts in the field and can provide you state-of-the-art medical advice and resources.

In addition to having access to top professionals, you will have access to our luxurious facility. Our facility is state-of-the-art and provides you a comfortable and productive location to focus on your healing.

For individuals in our outpatient program, we provide access to our state-of-the-art medical resources, rooms for counseling, and group locations. These amenities provide you medical resources in order to stay sober while living in the outside world.

We also offer a luxury sober living facility. This sober living apartment provides you a safe area to transition to a life of sobriety. This facility is equipped with resort-like beds, kitchen areas, outside areas, living spaces, and bathrooms. Plus, our West Hollywood location means that the outside views are stunning. 

Throughout every step in the process, our team will be by your side to keep you motivated and get you the help you need. You can also stay motivated with your peers and our comprehensive alumni network.

What to Look for in a Drug Rehab Near West Hollywood CA

West Hollywood sees about 1000 treatment admissions every year. West Hollywood only accounts for about 2% of all LA admissions. North Hollywood, in comparison, sees about 50,000 every year. These numbers show that there are many admissions opportunities in the Hollywood area.

Because of how many drug and alcohol rehab facilities there are in the area, it’s important to know what to look for. When dealing with your health, it’s imperative to select the best drug or alcohol rehab in West Hollywood. Here are some things to look for in top drug and alcohol rehab facilities in West Hollywood: 

Medical Care 

Alcohol and drug rehabs in West Hollywood are first and foremost medical facilities. With substance use treatment advancing every day, you want to select a facility that offers state-of-the-art, advanced medical care.

To ensure you get the best treatment, select facilities with besting class medical professionals and 24/7 nursing staff. These medical professionals should always provide science-backed treatments that have been clinically proven as being successful for long-term recovery.

Clinically proven treatment opportunities include residential treatment, outpatient treatment, medical detox, and aftercare planning. Depending on your situation, you might not need all these treatment opportunities, but ensure the facility you select offers a treatment option that is right for you.

Throughout these treatment opportunities, you should undergo science-backed treatment, including group counseling, individual counseling, and other forms of counseling to help you overcome your diagnosis.

Furthermore, look for facilities that offer comprehensive medical care and alternative therapies. This medical care will ensure you heal from the inside out while receiving scientifically-backed treatments for your substance use disorder specifically.

Customized Approach 

No two cases of substance abuse disorder are the same. As a result, it’s essential for your treatment facility to provide customized treatment plans based on your unique history, situations, and goals. A customized approach ensures you get the treatment you need to succeed.

Treatment facilities that offer a customized approach will provide a comprehensive intake evaluation. This intake evaluation gauges your mental health, physical health, substance use, history, and more. From there, medical experts craft a custom-made treatment plan for your situation. 

As time progresses, it’s important for your medical staff to adjust your treatment plan to ensure it continues targeting your needs and helping you reach your long-term goals.

Holistic Options 

Drug and alcohol addiction takes a huge toll on many aspects of your life. From your physical health to your mental health to your relationships, substance use disorder can destroy it all. To help you rebuild your life, look for facilities that offer holistic treatment options.

Holistic treatment options are used to help you heal your mind, body, and soul. Holistic treatment opportunities result in most successful long-term recovery since you are able to rebuild all aspects of your life.

Great Staff

An alcohol or drug rehab in West Hollywood is only as strong as its staff. The staff members are those that will provide you medical care, provide you support when times get tough, and be your friend in need. As such, great staff is essential for a successful recovery process.

First and foremost, the staff needs to be licensed and trained in substance abuse treatment. This medical expertise will allow the staff members to provide you the medical help you need to begin your recovery.

Equally as important as medical expertise is empathy, respect, and kindness. During your stay at the facility, you will see a lot of hard days and need help. With empathetic and kind team members on your side, you can be uplifted to continue on your journey.

Luxurious Amenities 

The treatment facilities in Los Angeles are known for their resort feel. These luxurious amenities allow you to fully relax so you can focus all your energy on healing and recovery. Because there are so many luxurious rehabs in the area, look for West Hollywood rehab facilities that offer luxurious amenities.

Luxurious amenities include beautiful scenery, comfortable seating, exercise facilities, and more. Without a luxurious facility, it can be difficult to relax enough to focus on full healing.

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