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Drug Rehab + Sober Living in Venice Beach

Venice Beach

Drug Rehab Near Venice Beach

Venice Beach is one of the most popular areas of Los Angeles County. It was founded back in 1905, and it is now one of the best spots in the area. It is home to gorgeous canals and beaches, but it is most known for its pedestrian promenade that features many vendors, fortune tellers, athletes, and performers.

Although Venice Beach is one of the coolest spots to visit in the area, it faces many problems, notably drug addiction. In the 90s, the area was home to a lot of gang activity, which led to turf battles and extensive drug use and sales. Today, gang activity is not very present, but the drugs brought into the community remain, and homelessness is at an all-time high.

As such, drug use and abuse are all too common in the Venice Beach area. The most abused drug in the area is heroin. LA county saw a 129% increase in heroin-related deaths between 2016 and 2020. Second to heroin is prescription opioids. Prescription opioids are causing a huge spike in overdoses in the area because 2 in 5 counterfeit opioid pills contain lethal doses of fentanyl. Other commonly abused drugs in the area include marijuana and methamphetamine.

Alcoholism is also a serious issue in the area. About 23.8% of adults aged 12 and older participate in binge drinking, whereas 5.7% of them have an alcohol use disorder. Whenever you look at all substance use disorders in the county, 7.6% of the population over the age of 12 suffers.

These statistics tell us that addiction and substance abuse is an ever-increasing problem in LA county and the Venice Beach area. Because of this fact, dozens of rehab and treatment facilities have popped up in the area. These treatment facilities are designed to help individuals overcome their addiction and begin living a life of recovery.

Outpatient Los Angeles is one Venice Beach drug rehab and alcohol rehab. Our facility is equipped with top medical resources and empathetic staff to help individuals find root causes for their addiction and change their behaviors head-on. With the help of our outpatient and sober living programs, you can begin your life of recovery today.

Why Choose a Venice Beach Drug Rehab?

Venice Beach has long been a favorite spot for creative thinkers who like to think outside the box. From street performers to the Beat Generation to everyday philosophers, the most creative in our nation flock to Venice Beach. Furthermore, this area is a hotspot for individuals who think and feel deeply and have the desire to help those they pass along the way. 

Even the medical and scientific thinkers in the area provide unique care that helps individuals overcome addiction one day at a time. At Venice Beach rehab facilities, you will have access to top medical experts who not only have the experience to help you overcome your addiction but also have the creativity and empathy to help you achieve long-lasting recovery.

More so, Venice Beach is home to gorgeous locations. Studies have found that scenery has a huge impact on recovery. Because Venice Beach is so beautiful, you can enjoy the scenery while focusing on your recovery and healing.

All around, Venice Beach provides the perfect environment for healing and recovery. From the creative, empathetic people to the beautiful scenery, Venice Beach facilities offer comprehensive medical care that can help you achieve long-term recovery.

What to Look for in a Venice Beach Drug Rehab

Because LA county and Venice Beach have long suffered from addiction, the area is home to some of the best rehab facilities in the nation. Although the number of Venice Beach drug rehabs is a benefit, it can also make it difficult to select the right facility for your needs.

Because your health and sobriety are on the line, it’s essential to select the best drug or alcohol rehab in Venice Beach. Here are some things to look for when selecting a rehab:

Top Medical Care 

The goal of any rehab facility is to provide you with top medical care so you can achieve long-term sobriety. As such, select Venice Beach drug rehabs with top medical care and resources. Top medical care includes medical resources, expert staff, and facilities equipped to handle your situation.

Furthermore, top medical care includes different levels of addiction treatment. Whenever you first start your journey, the treatment will look very different from the treatment in a year’s time. Common treatment levels to consider include residential inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, sober living, and aftercare planning.

Throughout all the levels, you should have access to evidence-based treatment opportunities, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, individual counseling, and group counseling. 

Individualized Treatment 

Addiction treatment is not like taking a pill for the flu or a cold. Instead, treatment is comprehensive and specific to the individual’s needs. For this reason, top alcohol rehabs in Venice Beach provide individualized treatments based on your needs, substance use, and goals.

You specifically want to look for treatment facilities that specialize in your substance use disorder, whether it be alcohol or a drug. Likewise, consider facilities with specialties that can help your healing go more smoothly.

Expert, Caring Staff 

The journey of lasting recovery is difficult. You want to have expert, caring staff on your side throughout every stop. Expert staff ensures that they provide the best medical treatment while caring, empathetic personalities ensure you are treated with respect and have a support system to keep you going.

Great Facilities and Amenities 

The Venice Beach drug rehabs and alcohol rehabs are known nationwide for their great facilities. Look for facilities that offer privacy, clean spaces, and amenities that can heal you from the inside out.

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How Our Venice Beach Drug Rehab Stands Out

Our LA intensive outpatient program is a top-rated luxury rehab facility in Venice Beach. Our Venice Beach drug rehab stands out from the rest because we combine evidence-based treatments with a human touch to help you achieve long-term sobriety that lasts a lifetime. 

Our facility is equipped with various levels of treatment, including intervention help, outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, sober living, and aftercare planning. All treatment programs are tailored to your exact needs to ensure you get individualized care.

While you are in any treatment program, you will have access to top medical professionals who know exactly what you are going through. All our staff members are in recovery themselves, ensuring we treat your case with the empathy and respect you deserve.

Our facilities are also luxurious and equipped with numerous amenities for your enjoyment. Our outpatient facility is designed with a resort feel in mind so you can focus on your recovery while relaxing and healing.

Once you graduate from our program, you will still have the support system and resources you need to continue your journey. Outpatient Los Angeles provides a comprehensive alumni network and aftercare planning to help you stay on the road to sobriety years down the line.

Overall, Outpatient Los Angeles can help you overcome your addiction and experience lifelong sobriety. From our top medical resources to our extensive aftercare planning opportunities, you can trust Outpatient Los Angeles to help you through every step in the process.

Our Expert Staff Can Help You Heal

Just because you suffer from substance use disorder does not mean you are trapped in this lifestyle forever. With the help of a top Venice Beach drug rehab or alcohol rehab, you can get the medical help you need to begin living the life of recovery.

Contact Outpatient Los Angeles today to learn how our expert staff can help you heal and transform your life. All calls are confidential and come with no obligation. No matter what your needs may be, our staff can help you decide if our drug and alcohol rehab in Venice Beach is right for you.

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Our programs are compatible with most private insurance providers, and we also offer competitive self-pay rates. Our professional admissions staff will work hard to maximize your insurance benefits so you can focus on your recovery – not your insurance. Verify your benefits now to get started!

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