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Expert Interventions in Los Angeles


Interventions in Los Angeles

If your loved one is suffering from a severe drug or alcohol addiction, it’s imperative that they seek help right away. Unfortunately, most individuals with a severe addiction do not pursue treatment, even if they recognize they have a problem. As the addict’s close friend or family member, you may feel an obligation to motivate them to seek the treatment they need. An intervention is one way that you can motivate your loved one to pursue treatment for their addiction.

With a Los Angeles drug intervention, you and the team of other close friends and family members will sit down with the addict. During this time, the team members will share examples of how they are impacted by the addiction, why they want the individual to accept treatment, and what will happen if they don’t. In the case that the addict accepts treatment, the team members will have a treatment plan in place so that the individual can begin their road to recovery ASAP. Alongside the intervention team, the intervention will be overseen by an interventionist to ensure everything goes smoothly and safely.

When done correctly, drug interventions in Los Angeles should encourage addicts to receive the treatment they need. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, especially if the intervention is not planned extensively or assisted by an intervention specialist. In fact, interventions often have the opposite results wanted if top tips for drug interventions are not followed. That’s why it’s essential to learn the key to holding a successful drug intervention.

Keep reading to learn more about what an intervention is and how to conduct one that actually works.

How to Conduct an Intervention

There are four main steps when holding a successful drug intervention: finding an interventionist, planning, hosting the intervention, and follow-through. Here’s what the process will look like from the beginning to the end.

Find an Interventionist 

The first step in the process is to talk to and find an intervention specialist. An interventionist is a professional who specializes in drug and alcohol addiction and interventions. Interventionists can be intervention specialists, medical professionals, or social workers. The purpose of the interventionist is to provide the intervention team with the resources and help they need to have a successful intervention.

An interventionist will help you from the beginning to the end of the process. They will help you research and plan the intervention. They can also attend the intervention to ensure it goes smoothly and does not escalate. By working closely with an interventionist, your intervention will have the best chances of success.


After finding an interventionist to work with, thoroughly research and plan for the intervention. Research each individual in the intervention team to ensure the team has the best people for the job. Additionally, research health insurance, treatment facility options, and all related treatment questions. Once you have the research out of the way, begin to plan what the intervention will look like. Plan out what every individual will say and how you will respond if the addict rejects the ultimate proposal of treatment. Work closely with your interventions during this process to ensure you plan accordingly.

Host the Intervention  

The most stressful part of the intervention is the intervention itself. During the intervention, you will invite the addict to an event, but do not tell them it is an intervention. Once they arrive, each team member will explain why they want the individual to seek treatment and what will happen if they don’t. Force the addict to decide if they will accept treatment immediately after the intervention or not.

Follow Through  

The most important part of the intervention is the follow-through stage. It’s important to follow through with everything you say so that the addict is held accountable. What this means is that you need to force the addict to attend treatment if they agreed to do so. In contrast, you have to follow through with consequences if they do not accept treatment. For this reason, only make threats or promises that you are willing to follow through with.

Why Choose an Interventionist in Los Angeles

Although you may be tempted to select a drug interventionist in your area, intervention specialists in Los Angeles are the best. They have worked closely with inpatient and outpatient facilities so that they have the correct resources and knowledge to help intervention teams host an intervention that works. Although you may be looking for intervention specialists in Florida or wherever else you may live, contact interventionists in Los Angeles for the best results. After the Intervention, we can provide:

Heroin Addiction


Marijuana Addiction

Meth Addiction

Cocaine Addiction

Crack Addiction

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5 Tips for a Successful Intervention

Holding a successful drug intervention involves more than just following the steps above. Here are some additional tips for drug interventions that are effective:

Don’t Go At It Alone. 

It is essential to always plan an intervention with the help of an intervention specialist. Intervention specialists will ensure you cover all your bases and are adequately prepared. They will also help to keep matters calm and collected during the intervention to ensure everyone is safe and that the intervention does not escalate.

Plan Properly. 

The least effective interventions are those that are not planned properly. Without proper planning, you might not be able to make effective promises or offer a good treatment plan after the intervention. Work closely with your interventionist to plan everything out beforehand to ensure everyone is on the same page and the addict has the best chance at recovery.

Anticipate Accusations and Excuses. 

During the planning phase, it’s important to anticipate the addict’s accusations and excuses. That way, you will be able to have a rehearsed response ready. This rehearsed response will help to deescalate the situation and encourage the addict to receive the treatment they need.

Stay Objective.

During the actual intervention, emotions run high. Even so, it’s important to stay objective. This is difficult to do if you do not plan out what you are going to say in advance. So, create your plan and stick to it in order to stay objective during the emotional intervention.

Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep.  

During the intervention, you need to list out the consequences of what will happen if the addict does not receive treatment. It is imperative that you actually follow through with these consequences if the addict refuses treatment. If you list out consequences but do not follow them, the addict will recognize this and not have much motivation to seek treatment in the future.

What to Do After an Intervention in Los Angeles

Planning out an intervention is not enough. An effective Los Angeles drug intervention must also include a well-thought-out and planned treatment process after the intervention. After all, the purpose of the intervention is to motivate the addict two receive treatment. 

It’s important that your drug interventions in Los Angeles include a pre-planned treatment option as a result. Make sure to research rehab facilities and learn about their evaluation process and accepted insurance. That way, everything will be ready to go in the case that the addict accepts treatment.

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