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Studio City Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is a serious problem that plagues our entire nation. Even in the beautiful Newport Beach area, addiction plagues many homes and families. As a result, nearly 21 million Americans battle addiction, but only 10% of them get the treatment they need.

Because so few people receive treatment, our country is feeling the effects of addiction from every corner. Just since 1999, nearly one million people have died from an overdose, and addiction has cost our economy above $6 million every single year.

The good news is that Studio City is home to many rehab locations that help individuals achieve long-term sobriety. Whether you are looking for an alcohol or drug rehab in Studio City, there are options that can help you begin your life of sobriety and accomplish the things you’ve been dreaming of.

Outpatient Los Angeles is a top Studio City rehab that can help you get on the road to sober living today. Our state-of-the-art facility and expert care can help you overcome your addiction in life every day to its fullest. No matter what type of substance use disorder you suffer from, we can help. 

Statistics of Addiction in the Studio City

Looking at the statistics of addiction in Studio City can give you an idea of how prevalent the problem is, despite the city’s carefree appearance. 

Over the last few decades, drug and alcohol use has been increasing, so too has substance related deaths. Between the years of 2005 and 2014, the area saw overdoses increase by 63%. Furthermore, 1700 residents died due to an overdose between 2011 and 2016. Of these deaths, 66% of them were opioid related.

Even individuals who survived their addiction experienced a lot of heartbreak and pain. For example, nearly 800 residents visited the emergency room due to an opioid overdose in 2011 in 2015. 123 of these people did not survive the ordeal.

Heroin Addiction


Marijuana Addiction

Meth Addiction

Cocaine Addiction

Crack Addiction

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What to Look for in a Studio City Drug Rehab

Even though the statistics above are sobering, there is hope. Studio City is home to many rehab facilities. Drug and alcohol rehabs in Studio City are notorious for offering great treatment, customized care and luxurious amenities. It’s important to select the right Studio City drug or alcohol rehab for your needs.

Comprehensive Treatment 

Recovery is a long process that requires a variety of treatment. The most common treatment programs include residential inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, medical detox, and aftercare planning.

Although you might not need all the treatment programs above, it’s still important to consider the extent of the treatment your facility offers. All top facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art medical resources and staff so treatment is administered effectively.

Holistic Services 

Addiction takes a toll on your entire life. Many individuals see a serious decline in their physical and mental health, as well as a separation between them and their loved ones. Because the extent of addiction is so vast, you want to look for facilities that offer holistic services.

Holistic or alternative services are used alongside evidence-based treatment. The goal of these alternative services is to allow you to heal your mind, body, and soul all while receiving the substance abuse treatment you need.

By selecting a facility that offers holistic services, you know you will have many resources to heal your entire body so you can accomplish the long-term goals you’ve been dreaming of.

Customized Care 

No drug or alcohol rehab in Studio City should approach treatment as robotic or one-size-fits-all. Instead, every alcohol and drug rehab in Studio City worth your time provides customized care that is uniquely crafted based on your addiction, your mental health, story, and goals.

With customized care, you know the treatment you are receiving is right based on your unique situation and needs.

Empathetic Expert Staff 

The staff and team at your rehab facility makes a huge difference in your recovery. On the one hand, the staff must be experts in the medical field so they can provide you with top medical care and resources.

On the other hand, you want the staff members to be empathetic and understanding of your situation. You will be going through a hard time, and you will need help throughout your journey. Kind staff members will provide you the support you need to keep going without judgment.

Luxurious Facilities 

One thing that’s unique about rehab facilities in Studio City is that they are notorious for offering luxurious facilities that make you feel like you are in a spa. These luxurious facilities provide you relaxing locations so the only thing you have to worry about is your progress in recovery.

Because there are so many luxurious facilities in the area, why not select the best? Luxurious facilities will ensure you are comfortable and clean, as well as have access to privacy and other resources that can help you along the way.

How OPLA Can Help

Outpatient LA is a top-rated treatment facility in Studio City. Our facility combines evidence-based approaches with luxurious care to help individuals overcome addiction and begin living the life they’ve been dreaming of.

We provide treatments for a number of addictions. In fact, our facility is equipped to handle all substance abuse addictions. The most common we treat include alcoholism, heroin addiction, marijuana addiction, cocaine addiction, meth addiction, and crack addiction. Although these are the most common addictions we face, we are equipped to handle any.

Our facility offers treatment programs including interventions, outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and sober living. With all these treatment opportunities, you will receive best in class medical care and have access to empathetic staff members who know exactly what you are going through. 

Some of our top medical care includes 24 hour medical and emotional support, 24/7 nursing staff, medical detox, individual counseling, and group counseling. These medical resources and care allow individuals to begin recovery that lasts a lifetime.

To ensure that the treatment is right for your needs, Outpatient Los Angeles works with you to determine the best course of action for your situation. We understand that addiction is a deeply personal disease that requires personalized care.

Our facilities are also best in class and luxurious. Whether you are staying at our sober living facility or participating in our outpatient program, you will have access to top medical resources, welcoming environments, and friendly faces.

Those interested in our sober living facility will especially love our luxurious sober living apartment area. Our sober living area is equipped with spacious rooms, private bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens, and fun living spaces. You will also have access to privacy, counseling, and much more during your stay. 

We Accept Most Insurance Providers

Our programs are compatible with most private insurance providers, and we also offer competitive self-pay rates. Our professional admissions staff will work hard to maximize your insurance benefits so you can focus on your recovery – not your insurance. Verify your benefits now to get started!

Get Help at Our Rehab Near Studio City

If you or someone you love is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, know that you don’t have to battle it any longer. With top Studio City rehabs, you can get the help you need to kick your vices and begin a life of recovery.

To learn more about our treatment opportunities at Outpatient Los Angeles, call our admissions team today. Contact is confidential, and calls come with no obligation. Let our expert staff help you get on the road to recovery with just one simple phone call. 

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Outpatient Los Angeles is available day or night to help you find the best treatment options that meet your personal needs.