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What are the Benefits of Family Therapy in Rehab?

Addiction and substance abuse extend beyond the individual, affecting families and loved ones alike. The chaos brought about by the addict’s behaviors can be both painful and damaging to those around them.

Family damage comes in many forms; emotional, financial, or even physical. Whether it’s a saddened parent or a spouse left behind, the scar left by the wreckage of an addict’s past can’t be left to be ignored. So much so that the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence calls addiction a family disease, because it affects the entire family system and the individuals who compromise it.

Family therapy for addiction is an effective way to help you and your loved ones heal from the trauma that comes from living with someone who suffered from addiction.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a collection of therapeutic approaches that involve the whole family, based on the idea that a family is a system of different parts, meaning when one person in the family is affected by addiction, everyone is. These unhealthy relationships develop further in the family affecting everyone and creating chaos.

This form of therapy helps the entire family recover from the trauma, not only healing the patient, by teaching the family how to deal with addiction in a healthy way. It heals wounds of the past, and most importantly it helps the addict stay sober by creating a safe and  loving environment for all.

Is Family Therapy Effective For Sobriety?

Research shows that addicts who participate in family therapy are more likely to stay sober than those who don’t have the support of their families. Families can also positively influence their decision to get into treatment.

Family therapy can also help with other issues such as mental health problems, divorce, and even parenting skills. It allows the addict to talk about feelings in a safe environment with someone who isn’t directly involved with their addiction. This can be especially helpful if the addiction has affected other relationships in the addict’s life such as friendships or your job.

Benefits of Family Therapy for Addiction

Knowing the benefits of family therapy for addiction makes it clear why it’s such an integral part of a recovery program. There are a range of benefits that can come from family therapy for addiction, they include:

  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Communicating better
  • Understanding addiction
  • Learning to cope with addiction
  • Mutual support, empathy, and understanding
  • Minimizing family conflict
  • Enabling the family to speak openly and voice out concerns
  • Clearing away any toxic behaviors or resentments
  • Easing feelings of stress or anger related to addiction

Family therapy is a good way to involve the whole family in the recovery process

Family therapy gives the addict’s family circle the opportunity to talk about how addiction affects them, as well as how they can help each other, making everyone feel safe and supported. It also teaches children about their roles in addiction. 

Get your family help

If you or one of your loved ones suffers from addiction and it’s causing family disturbances, then it’s important to get help and take advantage of the benefits of family therapy for addiction.

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