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Why Choose a LGBTQ Benzo Rehab Center in Southern California

Individuals of the LGBTQ community are more at risk of substance abuse than the population as a whole. In fact, studies have found that 20% to 30% of the LGBTQ population abuses substances, whereas only 9% of the population can say the same.

The good news is that specialized LGBTQ treatment centers have been established for individuals who belong to the LGBTQ community and are struggling from addiction.

These treatment centers provide a safe place for individuals to receive the treatment they need alongside other individuals just like them. All the while, these centers provide specialized treatment for members of the community.

Addiction Within the LGBTQ Community 

Experts suggest that members of the LGBTQ community suffer from higher rates of substance abuse due to the number of societally imposed obstacles they face. Some challenges these individuals often face include:

  • Stigmatization or discrimination based on sexual orientation.
  • Emotional abuse.
  • Threats, public humiliation, and hate crimes.
  • Shame or rejection from family.

Furthermore, many individuals of the LGBTQ community develop co-occurring disorders as a result of living a “closeted” life. Common emotional disorders in the community include generalized anxiety level, depression, and self-harming tendencies. These diseases can exacerbate addiction. 

Individuals within the LGBTQ community also have higher risk of health issues than heterosexual individuals. For example, individuals may be suffering from compulsive sexual behavior, HIV related anxiety, or sexual abuse, which may contribute to the substance abuse disorder. 

Due to all of these obstacles, experts believe that LGBTQ individuals often turn to alcohol or drugs as a way to self-medicate. This self-medication leads to ineffective results and serious addictions, such as benzo addiction, which requires medical intervention and treatment

Why Choose a LGBTQ Benzo Rehab Center in Southern California for Treatment 

For years, the only treatment that LGBTQ community members received for their addiction was regular treatment centers. Although these centers are reputable and offer great medical help, they don’t always offer specialized treatments for individuals within the LGBTQ community. 

LGBTQ individuals especially need specialized treatment. Within specialized LGBTQ rehab facilities, individuals can get the medically approved treatment they need to face their addiction. At the same time, they can receive medical help that targets problems commonly faced by the community.

Because LGBTQ individuals are at such risk of dual diagnosis, LGBTQ rehab facilities often offer a variety of personalized treatment options to treat all diagnosed conditions. The dual diagnosis treatment, for instance, can help target anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses alongside addiction.

Importantly, attending an LGBTQ benzo rehab center in Southern California also allows you to find a support group of individuals like you. With these peers, you can grow to learn healthier coping mechanisms and begin living the life you’ve always dreamt of alongside those who support you the most. 

LGBTQ Benzo Rehab Center in Southern California

If you are a member of the LGBTQ community and are suffering from benzo addiction, it’s important to get the help you need. Select a LGBTQ benzo rehab center in Southern California for comprehensive help.

Outpatient LA is one option to consider. We offer comprehensive outpatient care and can even provide specialized LGBTQ treatment for members of the community. All of our treatments are backed by medical approaches and empathetic staff members.

All the while, Outpatient LA has beautiful facilities for you to visit. Because we are based in LA, you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery, all while receiving the medical treatment and intervention you need.

With the help of Outpatient LA, you can begin your road to sobriety on the right foot. Contact Outpatient LA today to learn more about our treatment options for members of the LGBTQ community.

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